Our Visit to the Museum

On Monday we went to the Museum. We learnt about Māori traditional games and had lots of FUN!!!!

Learning/discussion around "history" sharing our knowledge of what we already know about Maori traditional games with Whaea Sam.
Learning about the Manu Tukutuku
What is it made out of?
Was it made for boys or girls?
Is it used today?

What is this?
What is it made of?

Arapeta playing String games
The girls sharing their knowledge of the Hue!!!

Miria, Tailah, Sugar and Tiakinui presenting their findings about the
Manu Tukutuku.
All waiting patiently to have a go and some traditional games!!
Taariki, Parerimu, Zara having a go at the POI!!!

The Stilts!!!!

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